Trust and Let Go: What the Wise Won’t Say

The wise have told us down through the ages that as we float down the river of our lives not to struggle against the current, not to take ourselves to where we THINK we should go, but to trust in nature and our own deep source and to simply trust and let go—let the currents take us and enjoy the ride.

There is a reason why we resist this obvious wisdom over and over again.  It is what the wise are too wise to tell us.  You relax, trust and let go; you let the current carry you downstream, knowing that you will be carried to exactly where you need to go.  Then you are dragged to the bottom and smashed against the jagged rocks.  You tumble until you are bruised and battered and have a face full of gravel. 

That’s the part they don’t tell you.

Then you come up again, and you finally understand as you are carried along in the quiet, tranquil bliss of the river, trusting, ecstatic and free—until the next rapids.  And you begin to realize that you are the river.  And you begin to know that at the end, having surrendered to the flow, having trusted and let go, that you may look back and know that you have realized a life of ineffable beauty and freedom. 

Only the wise get to have that. 

And being the wiser, you will tell others, knowing they won’t believe you.